domenica 17 luglio 2011

New Item on my Etsy Shop!

Some new item on my Etsy Shop!

Pay Attention: a new Shabby Chic Sink coming soon!

Little Kisses,


domenica 10 luglio 2011

Some News...

Hello everyone!

you're asking if I was in Paris to the Simp Show...well...YES!

Unfortunately, at this time, I'm so busy that I ave not even had a moment to post some pictures. In addition, there it's very very hot and, who knows me knows I prefer cold seasons!

Well, in short, I'm taking advantage of this evening (it's not really hot here, it's thundering...yeah!!!) to post photos of my new miniature work
presented for the first time to the Simp Show.

My romantic soul led me to reproduce what I dream one day to realize in reality...a nice table set up for a special day, a very special one, only for the closest friends. You can think at what you desidere most...this miniature
will take you anywhere you want!!!

Many Little Kisses,