lunedì 11 agosto 2014

{ My Dollhouse } The living room

Hi girls!
First of all thank you for the wonderful messages: thank you for your love, you have really moved me!
These passed months have been really heavy, and not only psychologically ... being back here with you fills me with joy ...
I hope to contribute regularly to my blog, to reciprocate your affection giving you some nice moments of lightheartedness.
One of my greatest desires is this: go back to living my passion for miniatures as such, with spontaneity, with joy, for the sheer pleasure of making your eyes glittering!
I will also try to make something nice to put in my Etsy shop, which has been empty for several months: I love it when one of my creations travels the world, because a part of me traveling with her, for be part of your lives ... 

But back to work at the dollhouse.
As I said in my last post, I realized the professional studio in my house. To do so without spending too much money, I used the furniture that I had already changing their look.
Thanks to the chalk paint (the homemade one), I renewed the furniture of my room and I did a very friendly studio... at least for me it is.
In the same way I thought to do with my miniature house.
For one thing, not being more attuned to the room, I decided to repaint it white.
So I thought it might be nice to rearrange the interior, taking advantage of what I already have.
The furniture is in fact always to my taste, what I do not like the most are the colors.
By now I realized that the white and cream are my favorite colors: it's beautiful to wake up surrounded by this white cloud!
So I decided to try the chalk paint on the house and also the furniture and found out that it is just as easy!
I like her matte and porous effect: I really love it! 

The first room to which I have started to work is the living room.
First I repainted the floor ... but I believe that soon I will make it shabby... I'm not sure to leave it simply white ...
So I thought it would be a good idea to change the color of the walls, because the vertical stripes of the wallpaper and its color were no longer attuned to the floor, now white.
So I repainted the walls a cream color, so to create a slight countered with the floor. I have not painted the decorative border: it seemed to me it could be very pretty even with the new style ... you like it?
The next step was to paint the furniture.
I admit to being quite hesitant. For a long time I thought of it, but I had never had the courage.
Now I say to you instead ... why not doing it before ?? 

As you can see in the pictures I also painted the fabric, always using the homemade chalk paint: the final effect is amazing !!
This type of paint sticks to any surface, and then allowed me to relook my miniature furniture in speed without having to give a first coat of primer!
It 's great!
You've never tried it?
Just take opaque water-based enamel and some plaster of Paris, mix 4 parts of enamel with 1 part of plaster and you will get a paint that requires no primer and that has a perfectly matt finished: I can no longer do without!
Of course, the living room renovated so it is not finished. 

I am also undecided whether to paint the cabinet ...
I will also add some pictures, some pillows, a new carpet (this is made from paper ...), new curtains ...
I have already changed the fireplace because I no longer liked what I had before.
What I put now is a fireplace I've often sold in dollhouses exhibitions, it's one of my favorites. I have yet to finish it (missing the base and the bricks on the bottom), but I already love it.

So no shortage of things to do right.
I wish I could also use some furniture and accessory made by me ... I've made several over the years, sold on Etsy or in exhibitions, but I've never even done one for me !!
Okay, this will make it even.
Now I greet you and give you some
Mini hugs,


domenica 10 agosto 2014

{ I'm back }

Hi girls!

I'm new here, finally.
Several months have passed since my last post.
Months of silence in which I have been through difficult times and during which miniatures have been my last thought. In fact, I almost did not think about it, I did not have the time.
In the last post I spoke of the workshop that I held on the occasion of Miniaturitalia, which I do not attended: two days before I learned that my mother had to undergo surgery to remove a synovial cyst at the level of the spine (on Friday morning, the day before the show).
For months this cyst prevented her from sitting down ... she lived standing up the whole day ... even sleeping was difficult.
They were the worst months of my life, passed between a doctor and another, between one examination and the other before we can figure out what it was.
The operation was delicate and lasted much longer than expected: the synovial cyst was anchored to the nerve, so a wrong move by the surgeon would have risked compromising the movement capability.
Luckily everything went well, but it took months to recover.
Now is much better, although it will still take a bit 'of time before she recovers completely.
I think you can understand the state of mind in which I found myself until recently and the fact that I no longer have written on the blog, not even to warn you that I would not exhibit at the miniature show ...
I am very sorry but I did not want to leave her alone, especially given that the intervention was risky ...
From this month of August, I started to have an interest in miniatures, that the imagination and the desire to create are back.
In recent months there has also been another big change in my life.
I lost my job in November 2012 and by January 2014 I began working by myself as a Nutritionist.
It's a job that excites me, but at the moment it leave little space for my creativity.
I'm also working on my house (the real one), in which I opened my own studio.
In short, I think you understand that for me is a time of change and rebirth!
I thank all the friends that I have been close to me: it is thanks to them that I'm back here on the blog ...
Now you may wonder what I'm up to these days, as I have told you that it is from this month that I started to be interested again in miniatures ... 

Well, at the moment I'm concentrating on the renovation of my house (the miniature one): I no longer liked the color chosen for the exterior and even the interior design. The furniture I liked yet, but their style certainly not.
Also, having turned my room into a professional studio, (I have changed the style ... now everything is in perfect white Nordic style!), I thought I had to give a new look to the house: I like to keep it in the studio! 

So I repainted the façade (from pink it has become white) and started to repaint also the single rooms, but I will show you some photos later.
In the meantime, I'm thinking to change a little my blog ... I would like to renew it a bit' ... and I should also get back to work to carry out some orders received months ago ... 

    So if you want to come back to follow me, know this will make me really happy: I miss you!
    Mini hugs,