sabato 28 maggio 2011

For a Very Special Customer

Hello everyone!

I apologize for my silence but unfotunately I've become very slow doing my eyes are fine but they get tired easily...

So, after several months of work, I finally managed to complete one of the many orders I received (forgive me for the long waiting times...).

But this is a Special order, I would say a very special one, because it's for a miniaturist I admire a lot: it's a great honor for me to know my miniatures will be exhibit with hers!

I invite you to visit her blog and her website...she will leave you speechless...Janny has really unique pieces!!


4 commenti:

  1. oooooo i love those!!! :D Linda x

  2. Me alegra saber que aunque despacio estás mejor y vas a retomar las miniaturas. Te echaba de menos. Mariajo

  3. Dear Elena,

    Last Saterday I did catch your lovely items by Alexandra and I was stunned by all! I'm so very happy with all the items you have made. I just LOVE them! By the way....did you hear already??? The public in Germany have chosen us for the most beautiful stand and miniatures!! We did receive the FIRST PRICE!!! Very big hug and again thank you so much for all your work. I'm honered to have them! Janny

  4. Hi Elena,
    Janny showed me the kitchen furniture at the show and they are really amazing ! Much,much more then the pictures reflect it !If I understood Alexandra correct, you two are in Arnheim in autumn ,is that right ??? Jeannette