domenica 10 novembre 2013

{ Paris miniature show} Work in progress

Hi girls!
As I told you I decided to exhibit to the miniature show in Paris.
Well, I'm working a lot making something new and more kits too.
It's a very hard work to do, believe me, but I enjoy it soooooo much!!

Hope you will love too all my creations!

Here I show you a Pastry Shelf and two Bread Boxes I decorated myself: I thought it would be a great idea showing how they look once decorated...isn't it?

Well, my kits don't show you how to decorate the box: you have to decorate it by yourself, but I think they are very can paint them the color you prefer!!

(sorry for the mistake writing "boxes" in french...I made the label with Picasa and have no accent to put over the "o"...sorry, my dear french friends!)

Well, for the time being, these are the news...hope to have time to post something else again before the show!

Mini hugs,


6 commenti:

  1. unos kits muy bonitos



  2. Lovely packaging I am sure they will be a big succes in Paris

    1. Hi Janice, I really hope you arfe right...I love sooo much my kits!

  3. Las cajas son preciosas!!! Seguro que los kits tendrán mucho éxito!!