martedì 22 novembre 2011

Paris Création

Hi girls,

I'm back from Paris!

I think you can imagine that Paris Creation was a great success: as I said in my previous post, this is a very special show which brings together the best miniaturists ... is a show for collectors!!!

And now you're probably wondering what was the picture I added in the previous post!?!

Here it is:

a 1:12 Scale Lambretta decorated by me with my new style, The Confiserie Style!

It was admired by many people, adults and children left without words ... and is now in Switzerland...yes, my Lambretta, my latest creation, has found a home!!!

In the coming days I will get straight to work ... I expect a hectic period ...some orders, new projects to work on, Christmas miniatures to achieve ... in short, I have to work to surprise you again!

Little Kisses,


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