lunedì 29 febbraio 2016

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It's the second time I write this post.

It's been a month or so that I think I do, but I can't find the words.
I'm afraid I have disappointed many of you, for my absence...

I had the same fear when I decided, at the beginning of February, to visit the dollhouses show in Milan (Miniaturitalia). I was afraid of being overwhelmed by melancholy and do not get a good reception, given my two-year absence.

Not so, indeed and miniatures moved me again, enough to make me back the desire to create. Not that I had not until today, but maybe I got involved from the various events, not all positive, happened in these last two years.

There are moments in life when it is better to give priority to themselves and family. It was already difficult to match certain problems with my job...

From about two years I work by my own and I had to reorganized my home to create my professional studio. Unfortunately this has meant giving up my craft room, which did not help. Indeed, it facilitated the process of make me staying far from miniatures.

This is combined with the fact that, in the last years, miniatures for me had become synonymous with sadness, suffering, stress. It may seem absurd that a hobby can do evil, but who knows me knows what I mean.

Maybe I was too naive and spontaneous ... and not wanting to be what I'm not, I decided to take a step back.

This allowed me to look at things differently and to strip of negativity. I started to get passionate about miniatures at the age of 14 years or so, I have always lived them with joy and happiness, so I don't want them stress me again.

So I'm back, with a new spirit.

Unfortunately, as I said before, now I don't have a craft room, so the first thing to do is to organize another a crafting space. I'm working on in these weeks...last night I emptied of some drawers: I need everything to be on hand, as well as to enjoy every spare moment.

Of course in my job I do not have much. I work from Monday to Saturday, I do not have a fixed schedule (many times I end at 21:00) and I also have a lot of work on the computer, to do from one day to the other.

In practice I should do at night miniatures!

To show that I tell the truth (I really need to make miniatures), I say to you:

- I bought a notebook to take notes of all the miniature projects I want to accomplish
- I have beeen some days on vacation in Austria, where my brother lives, and I bought some paints, modeling clay and other materials that seemed interesting
- I reactivated my FB page, my profile Ig and my Pinterest board on my personal cell phone, so as to distinguish the private from working life (before I ran the business from the personal cell phone ... and I realized how much little time I dedicate myself ...)
- I started to design some changing to my dollhouse ... it's waiting for so many years...

I will definitely have less time than before to devote to miniatures, but I really want to be there.

Obviously the Giveaway you see here on the right is still valid ... if you still want to follow me ...
I hope not to have disappointed you ... it was not my intention but ... my life unfortunately goes up and down. These difficulties are the primary reason of my long absence...

So, if you will follow me again, you will make me happy, very happy!

See you soon!

10 commenti:

  1. Oh, it's so good to see you again! I missed you but I understand how much life demands sometimes. 2years? Pfft!! I was 25 years away from miniatures......Miniatures call us back when the time is right. A hug for you!

    1. Thanks a lot Susan, you are really kind.
      I think you can understand my state of mind...
      I thougth many times to come back, but hand'nt the courage to...
      Now I am and I'm happy to!

  2. me alegro mucho de verte por aqui de nuevo , todos pasamos por tiempos en que no tenemos mucho tiempo o nuestra atencion se centra en otras cosas que no son las minis , pero ahi quedan , a la espera que las retomemos , seguro que encontraras un sitio adecuado para tus preciosas minis



    1. Thanks have really understoud how I am...
      Really happy to have you here!

  3. Ciao! Bentornata! Il mio disappunto è solo che non c'è il traduttore nel tuo blog ed io sono una schiappa in inglese....:D......per il resto il tempo perduto si può recuperare e se vai in giro per blog vedrai che l'annuncio del tuo giveaway è sempre rimasto, per cui il minimondo ti stava aspettando! ;-)

    1. Grazie di cuore Blanche...mi hai commosso dicendomi che il mio Giveaway è ancora sul web...
      Per il traduttore provvederò quanto prima. Vorrei anche cambiare veste al blog, così da rinnovarlo...che si veda, passando di qua, che c'è qualcosa di nuovo.
      Stare lontano dalle mini non è stato nè bello nè facile...
      Grazie ancora per il tuo caloroso bentornato!

  4. Hola! :) Yo empecé a seguirte antes de darme cuenta de que no estabas por aquí :) He disfrutado mucho viendo tu blog y me alegra saber que regresas :) Hay épocas en la vida en las que no podemos llegar a todo y hay que establecer prioridades. Hoy lo importante es que estás aquí :) Disfrutemos de las minis, ese es su verdadero sentido, no crees? :)
    Un abrazo!!!

    1. Thanks a lot Zulueta, you tell the truth...Now i'm here and this is the most important thing.