martedì 1 marzo 2016

VACATION - A pretty little shop in Graz

Do you remember the paint  I mentioned in my previous post (I've also shown in a picture)? 

Well today I want to show you where I got them.

The paints themselves are relatively well known, they are from Annie Sloan (so small packs for us are just comfortable, especially if you do not have much space to devote to miniatures... as happens to me now), but the shop isn't, at least not for us (Italian).

It is actually a store located in Austria, in the city of Graz, not far from the Opera.
It's called Berlinchen.

I found out during my Christmas vacation (as I said in previous post, my brother lives there), but I prefered not coming in... as if only the sign and the windows would attract me a lot.

As you will see from the photos, in this store they sell a lot of Greengate's, which I personally love, lots of shabby accessories and all Annie Sloan paints. What I liked the most, though, it's the furniture: they are all old furniture, painted with Chalk Paint!

I really like the combination of colors ... nothing new, perhaps, for us who love the shabby style, but they conquered me anyway. I think I'll apply some ideas for some miniature furniture...

Especially I would like, having once only a raw wood roombox, build a small shop inspired by Berlinchen. Of course, I would put years to fill it as much as the real one is full! 

Well...perhaps it's not a good idea...

See you soon !

11 commenti:

  1. That's a fantastic shop, lots of inspiration! I hope you can find some time to create more of your beautiful minis now. Mercedes xx

    1. Hi hope too, dear Mercedes, because I simply LOVE it!!

  2. Es una idea excelente!!! Recrear Berlinchen en miniatura es un proyecto maravilloso! En cualquier caso, si no te decides, es una estupenda fuente de inspiración! Precioso!

  3. Lovely photos and beautiful shop!

  4. Oh my god, what a lovely shop! Definitely an inspiration to make miniatures for me. Lovely post! x

    FiupFiu, a mini world

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